When you click “Recover Access,” the User Account tab will be displayed. Enter your passcode, email address, or mobile number that you used to sign up during signup.¬†

How can I recover my Metrobank account?

You don’t need our username or number. Instead, you can use our online services to locate it. If you need to remember your password or security code, please call our Store at 0345 08 500 000 00 or go online.

How do I activate my Metrobank Online Banking app?

Click here to sign up for online banking at Metrobank.

Follow the screen instructions to fill out the information. Alternative options include the phone number you have logged into your branch account.

Sign in to your Metrobank account to access all new Metrobank features

Why is my account in Metrobank temporarily disabled?

Answer. Answer. Your mobile banking account will temporarily lock out if you enter an incorrect password or username. After 15 minutes delay, you will need to log back in again.

How can I link my primary mobile number to another account in Metrobank?

Only Metrobank branches can be used to get money. A valid photo ID (your Metrobank Debit Card) is required. You can change your mobile number and add your new number to the list. Metrobank employees will process your request and prepare documents. After that, you’ll be expected to wait a few days.

How can I recover my Metrobank Username online?

You can use our app to find all the information you need to reach your customer or retrieve your username if it still needs to be added. After you have accessed Settings, log in to the app. Once you have accessed My Details, click on the More menu. Your ID should be hidden beneath your name. You can also call us at 0345-080808 500 or visit a store to reach us.

What happens if your Metrobank account is temporarily disabled?

Answer. Answer. You must enter your password correctly or enter the wrong user name/PASSWORD three times to log back into your mobile banking. It will temporarily lock or block your mobile banking account. It is not a reason to be worried.

How do I get my Metrobank Username and Password?

What do I do if my username needs to be corrected? You will need to enter your username after clicking “Recover Access.” The request will be sent to your email address or mobile phone number. Your passcode will then be used to enter your password. Your email address and mobile device will display the username you have entered.

What is Metrobank Online different from Metrobank App?

Metrobank Direct is similar to Metrobank Mobile Banking. Metrobank Direct offers a better alternative to Metrobank Mobile Banking, even though they have the same features. Metrobank Direct is already set up to allow you to log in to your Metrobank Mobile Banking app to access your existing account.

How can I activate my Metrobank bill online?

Enter a one-time password to activate your Metrobank Direct account. It will be displayed alongside your registered mobile number in an email link. You will already see the enrollment button on your phone on your Metrobank Direct login page.

What does Account Temporarily Disabled Metrobank mean?

You should lock your computer for 15 minutes after you have used the wrong password or User ID. Each time you log in, another five minutes will be required.

How can I unblock Metrobank?

Your Metrobank online account will not be unlocked if you call Metrobank Customer Service. Metrobank Customer Service can be reached at (2 (02) 870 700 for 24-hour support. Our No. Call 1-800-1888-5775.

What can I do if my Metrobank ATM card is blocked?

If an ATM card is blocked, call your bank branch immediately. It could be due to negligence or carelessness. Sending in a letter, along with proof that the cardholder is genuine, is the fastest and easiest way to unlock an ATM card.

What can I do to change my details in Metrobank?

Metrobank branches near you can update your account information. You must have valid photo identification. Employers must also bring a company identification if their payroll accounts are included. You can download, print, and complete the Customer Update Form before delivery.

How can I delete my Metrobank Mobile Banking account?

Our website’s “Contacts” section is the best.

For more information, please click “Contact to delete.”

Click “Delete Account” or “Yes” to delete an account.

Contact will not be enrolled.